Ghost Light Players

Ghost Light Players provides quality theatre experiences by students and professionals in training, with an emphasis on learning and mentorship.

What Even Is This?

Community theatre has become a dirty word. Bleh! We don't like it. It's not so much that we don't like the thing itself, we love it obviously, but the feelings and preconceptions that come with that phrase are things like bad acting, and people being relegated to playing Tree #3 in the name of inclusion etc. At Ghost Light Players (GLP), we don't think that has to be the case at all.

Excuse my reiteration of our mandate, but we are here to create and facilitate quality theatre experiences for students and professionals in training. We've added a bit of an extension to that by also beginning to also focus on mentorship and learning. We prefer to think of ourselves as amateur theatre in the literal sense, where amateur means "lover of". Our emphasis on quality and learning comes from the fact that we love and deeply care about what we are doing and we want those of us who share those feelings and ideas to be able to join us. We also believe that our love can create, and deserves, something well done.

With all that being said, we are beyond ecstatic to be working on our first production as a company, Frank Wedekind's Spring Awakening in February 2018. If you feel like you share any ideas and values we'd love for you to come out and audition to act, apply to be behind the scenes, sign up for a sponsorship or donation, or even just come out to the show! Keep an eye out on the events page for more details!